-The SECUSYS 3 Series of access controllers can be used in a standalone or networked configuration mode, are compatible with the C Series access controllers and Lift Controllers and Multi IO Controllers. The 3 Series and C Series controllers can be connected to a TCP/IP network, and work perfect with SECUSYS2000.
-The DPU3024NT, (SECSYS, 3 Series, Door Controller, 2 Door, 4 Readers, TCP/IP Enabled) is an advanced single door access controller allowing for the connection of both In and Out card readers.


1. 32 bit ST ARM® CortexTM-M3 processor with 16MBit data memory
2. Communication Modes: RS-232 (max 50ft), RS-485 (max 4000ft) or TCP/IP
3. On board 100MBit real TCP/IP
4. Compatible with all Wiegand reader formats from 24 to 72 Bits
5. Event Flow Control
6. Supports 500 Visitors
7. Supports Master + Slave Group cards
8. Includes UDP Protocol
9. CE, FCC, RoHS approval


-CPU: 32 Bit Processor
-2 Door Relay (NC/NO)
-2 Door Sensor (NO)
-2 Exit Button
-2 Auxiliary Output Relays
-4 Auxiliary Inputs
-2 Wiegand Readers
-RS-232/RS-485/TCPIP interface
-Up to 127 controllers per RS-485 bus
-Supports online computer polling
-Communication speed: 19200/9600/4800
-15 Time Groups for each door
-Card Capacity: 30,000
-Transaction Storage: 100,000 events
-Maximum LAN Distance: 1200 meters (4000ft) using RS-485.
-Operating Voltage: 12V DC (±10%)
-110/220 AC (50/60HZ) switched mode 12V DC 6A Power Supply c/w 13.8V DC battery charging circuit
-Operating Current: ≤200mA
-Standby Current:≤150mA
-Working Temperature: -40C~70C
-Data Memory: 16M bit (protected)
-1 Lithium battery backup (up to 10 years data retention)
-Metal case dimensions:403mm x 384mm x 72mm
-Weight:0.2Kg (without metal case) 4.7Kg (with metal case & PSU)