The elevator controller contains master elevator controller and distributed elevator controller. It can be applied to buildings, public areas and so on. DS-K2210 master elevator controller supports up to 128 floors’ permissions. It also supports TCP/IP communication. And RS-485 communication with the distributed elevator controller, the card reader, the video intercom devices, etc. is also supported. You can also control the device by the web client, iVMS-4200 client software etc


-Connectable with up to 2 Wiegand card readers or RS-485 card readers
-Connectable with up to 3 groups of distributed elevator controllers (DS-K2M0016A). Each group is connectable with up to 8 distributed elevator controllers (DS-K2M0016A)
-Supports 3 types of relays: Button, Call Elevator and Auto Button
-Up to 128 floors’ permissions can be controlled
-Supports adding 20,000 normal cards and saving 50,000 events
-Supports uploading events, saving offline events
-Save the data when powering off
-Get the floor No. through permission management to control the corresponding relays
-Supports up to 256 schedule template. Each schedule template supports up to 1 week plan and 4 holiday groups


System Parameters

Indicator: Power On: Solid Green, Running Properly: Flashing Green, Running Exception: Solid Red, Serial Port Not Communicating: Off, Serial Port Communicating: Solid Green, Relay NC: Off, Relay NO: Solid Green, Network Disconnected: Off, Network Cable Connected: Solid Yellow, Flashing Green, Network Armed: Solid Yellow, Flashing Green,
Storage: 20,000 cards, 50,000 events
Card Reading Mode: Up to 2 RS-485 Card Readers or 2 Wiegand Card Readers
Processor: 32-bit
RTC: Support

Device Interfaces

Output Interface: 5 Relay Outputs
Input Interface: 1 Panic Button; 1 Fire Alarm Button; 1 Maintenance Button
Communication Mode: TCP/IP;RS-485, and Wiegand


Power Supply: 12 VDC±15%
Installation: Guide Rail Installation
Working Temperature : -40°C to +70°C (-40°F to +158°F)
Working Humidity: 10% to 90% (Non-Condensing)
Dimensions (L×W×H): 167mm × 105mm × 30mm