DS-K5603-Z Face Recognition Terminal adopts deep learning algorithm, which helps to recognize the face faster and more accurate. It also supports multiple authentication modes: 1:N face picture match, etc. When installed on the swing barrier, it can be applied in scenarios, such as buildings, businesses, financial industries, and other important areas.


– Compatible with Hikvision swing barrier
– Compatible with third-party turnstile via RS-232 interface, RS-485 to Wiegand module, or I/O output module is available
– Water-proof
– 10.1-inch LCD touch screen
– Screen ratio: 16:9; screen resolution: 1280p × 800p
– 2 MP wide-angle dual lens
– Adjustable supplement light brightness
– Face recognition distance: 0.3 m to 1 m; Suggested person height for recognition: 1.4 m to 1.9 m
– High performance processor with deep learning algorithm
– Max. 10000 face pictures storage
– Multiple authentication modes: authentication by comparing face picture, by custom mode, etc.
– Accurate and fast face recognition function
– Apply face picture data to the device via TCP/IP or uploading it to the device via the USB flash drive
– Stand-alone operation
– Transmit and save the comparison results and the captured face pictures to the client software or others


System Parameters

1:N Face Recognition Duration: ≤0.5 s/Person
Operation System: Linux
Face Recognition Accuracy Rate: ≥ 99%
Camera: 2 MP Dual-Lens Camera; 1080p; Auto-Focus; Suggested Person Recognition Height: 140 cm to 190 cm
Event Capacity: 50,000
Face Recognition Distance: 0.3 m to 1 m
Face Capacity: 50,000
Processor: GPU

Device Interfaces

Communication Mode: 10/100/1000 Mbps Self-Adaptive Network Interface


LCD Screen: 10.1-inch LCD Touch Screen; Ratio: 16:9; Resolution: 1280p × 800p
Power Supply: 12 VDC/3 A (Without Adapter; Centralized Power Supply); 36W
Audio: Loudspeakers × 2
Interface: LAN × 2, RS-232 × 1, RS-485 × 1, USB × 2, HDMI × 1
Protection Level: IP 55
Application Situation: Indoor; Outdoor
Working Humidity: 10% to 90% (Non-Condensing)
Working Temperature : -20 °C to +60 °C (-4 °F to +140 °F)
Dimensions (L×W×H): 520mm × 198mm × 66mm (20.47” × 7.80” × 2.60″)