DS-TME4XX series Entrance & Exit Station is a management system used for data acquisition and management of entrance & exit and parking lots. Through interaction with the software, the station can control the entrance & exit and manage the parking lot effectively. It is composed of audio output module, LED display module, main control module, vehicle detection module and power supply module. Peripheral devices such as analog camera, capture camera, barrier gate, remote card reader, alarm device, etc. can be connected to realize the vehicle passing, charging and management.


-Embedded LINUX operating system and modular design to guarantee the long-time and stable operation of the system
-Various charging standards configurable to distinguish the charging standards for different vehicle
-Flexible management strategies for vehicle entering and exiting with various vehicle passing rules to satisfy the requirements in different situations
-Alarms when there are no enough cards and no card left to avoid the traffic jam caused by card lack
-Stops card dispatch automatically when there is no available parking space to control and manage the vehicle number
-Reads/Writes card even in disconnected network condition to realize offline charging
-Voice prompt of the charges to reduce the workload of staff
-Integrated with vehicle detection module to detect and control vehicle when loops are connected
-Abundant peripheral interfaces to connect various peripheral devices to apply to multiple situations
-Backup and restoration to avoid duplicate configuration



-Operating System : Embedded Linux operating system
-Operation Interface : VGA, WEB
-Indicator : 24V power supply indicator, 12V power supply indicator, mainboard alarm indicator, HDD read/write indicator, mainboard running status indicator

-Input/Output Parameters

-Analog Video Input : 2-ch, SD BNC input
-Network Video Input : 4-ch, IP camera input
-Audio Input : 1-ch, pickup input
-Audio Output : 1-ch, loudspeaker output
-Alarm Input : 2-ch, alarm input
-Alarm Output 2-ch, alarm output
-Reserved Interface : 1-ch, fire alarm input and alarm output

v -Barrier Interface : 1, barrier Interface, including barrier control and status feedback
-Inductive Loops Input Interface : 1, inductive loops input interface
-LED Interface 1, external LED interface
-Card Reader Interface 1, user card reader interface
-Vehicle Detector Interface 1, vehicle detector interface
-Wiegand Interface 2, Wiegand interface
-Loudspeaker Interface 1, loudspeaker interface
-RS-232 Interface 1, RS-232 interface
-RS-485 Interface 1, RS-485 interface
-USB Interface 2, USB 2.0 interface
-VGA Interface 1, VGA interface
-Network Interface 1, 100M Ethernet interface

Function Parameters

-Memory Card : Up to 350 memory cards supported
-Display : LED electronic display
-Display Dimension : (W × H) 305 × 76 mm (12.0 × 3.0 inch)
Data Storage :Information storage of the passing vehicle Storage capacity: 1 GB
-Data Upload : Data upload and video stream transfer


-Power Supply : 100 to 240 VAC, standard
-Consumption < 150 W
-Device Dimension (W × D × H) 410 × 350 × 1405 mm (16.1 × 13.8 × 55.3 inch)
-Working Temperature -25 ºC to +75 ºC (-13 ºF to +167 ºF)
-Working Humidity 10% to 90%