GST-200N Addressable Fire Alarm Controls Panel 2 Loops (LPCB)

GST-200N Addressable Fire Alarm Controls Panel 2 Loops (LPCB)




GST200N Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panels are designed in comply with EN54-2 and EN54-4 standard (LPCB certificate No.: 548p) with qualities of simple installation, operation, and easy maintenance. 1-2 loop addressable panel is suitable for small buildings like office, restaurant, store, shop, etc.

Features and Benefits

● Max. 30 zones. Each zone has its own alarm and fault/disable indicator and a label
● Single loop panel capacity 235 addressable devices
● 2-loop panel capacity 477 addressable devices
● Compatible with GST intelligent and digital products
● 8X18 characters LCD screen
● 15 LEDs to display important information
● Non-Volatile memory ensures no loss of data even if power supply is accidentally removed
● Wide range power supply
● Sounder strobe output provides 0.5A/24V load, compatible with GST conventional sounders
● RS232 interface enables communication with PC
● RS485 or CAN interface enables networking


The 2-loop panel adapts an additional loop card. Class A type connection should be applied, from Loop Out to Loop IN. Beware of the polarization.
A network card will be used for connecting into GST network. Beware of the polarization.
Active outputs:
3 active outputs are provided for general alarm (500mA), sounder circuit (500mA) and fire protection equipment (500mA), at 24VDC with cable monitoring. A 4k7 EOLR is required. Each can be set NO, NC or Active.
Repeater output:
Linked with the main board, individual line from network
Fault output:
A general fault output is provided with both NO and NC contact. The relay will be engaged when panel is in normal status, and discharged whenever any fault occurs or powered off.
Class Change:
Remote control of Sounder Circuit output