All the programming for the Lift Controller and associated modules is done through the KEYKING software. The operator can set up the authorization at any time by configuring the floor access level and access time. Once programmed, a user simply flashes their card at the reader inside the lift. The user is designated a home floor and the button for this home floor is automatically enabled when the card is presented so there is no need to press the floor button. If a card is invalid or a valid card has not been given access rights then no access will be allowed.


The LPU8111 (KEYKING, 3 Series Lift module, 16 Floors, 0 Readers, is a plug in module that increases the base 16 floors provided by the LPU8110 controller by another 16 floors. (please refer to bottom right photo). Connecting via a daisy chain ribbon cable, up to 7 LPU8111 lift modules can attach to a LPU8110 controller. With each LPU8111 lift module supporting 16 floors, a LPU8110 lift controller with 7 x LPU8111 modules can support 128 floors. If only a single module is required to give a total of 32 floors, then this module can be piggybacked on top of the LPU8110NT, see photo on the bwlow picture.


·8 bit processor
·2 Watchdogs
·16M ROM Process Memory
·4M SRAM Data Memory
·30,000 Cardholders
·200,000 Transactions
·Maximum LAN Distance: 1200 meters (4000ft) using RS-485
·Operating Voltage: 12V DC (±10%)
·110/220 AC (50/60HZ) switched mode 12V DC 6A Power Supply c/w 13.8V DC battery charging circuit
·Operating Current: ≤800mA
·Standby Current:≤150mA
·Working Temperature: -40°C~70°C
·Data Memory: 4M bit (protected)
·1 Lithium battery backup (up to 10 years data retention)
·Metal case dimensions:403mm x 384mm x 72mm