-a diagnostic function: its diagnostic unit can be used to detect DU100, saving installation and after-sales maintenance time.
-Selectable permanent presence features: Unlimited to keep the existence relay to prevent fence machine / electric doors shut down to prevent damage to the vehicle.
-coil insulation: for the coil to provide an instant lightning and other possible damage protection.
-frequency coil instructions: Internal prompt adjacent coil / pos-sible crosstalk between the detector (interference).
-Sensitivity Adaptive (ASB): reliable detection of trailers / trailer and high chassis cars, automatically adjusts the sensitivity to the best.
-detection filtering: Allows a bike with a small cart through with-out being detected.


Device : TLD-100
Color : Orange/Black
Reaction time : 0.1SEC (Typical)
Coil inductance : Recommended 80uH-300uH
Operating Frequency : 20KHz-170KHz
Sensitivity : 3 Levels adjustable
Environmental com-pensation : Automatic drift compensation
Power Consumption : 2.5W
Read Range : 40-80 cm.
Storage voltage : -40 º C to +85 º C .
Operating Tempera-ture : -20 º C to +65 º C
Dimensions : H22.0× W10.0× D2.0 (cm.)